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LIONS WEEK 16 – Is it Caldwell’s Last?


Lions Week 16, Head Coach Caldwell talks job security.

On his case to the new general manager to remain as head coach: “You know, the only thing I look at, to be honest with you, is this week and this week only. We’ve got a game ahead of us and we’re playing a team that’s a tough team to beat at home with a lot of weapons, so we’ve got our work cut out for us. That’s our focus.”

On if he thinks retaining his job depends on the outcome of this week’s game: “My focus is strictly on this ball game, that’s it. Strictly on the game.”

On if he wished he had replaced former Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi earlier: “No. I answered that question because somebody else asked me the same thing one other – You guys don’t listen to one another I take it.”

On how he approaches this game knowing it could be his last as the Lions’ head coach: “You know, I approach it just like I do any other day that I’ve coached in my life – 1978, when I first started coaching. Any day could be my last day, so it’s no different for me.”

On if he addresses that possibility with the team: “It’s no different for me. I never addressed it with anybody else, any place else I’ve ever been, so no.”

On if he think he has improved his chances of being retained due to the recent winning: “I don’t worry about that. That’s not my concern. My concern is this ball game coming up.”

On the challenges for his coaching staff amidst the uncertainty: “Our staff is – They’re focused. The future they have right now is this next ball game coming up. That’s what they’re looking at, that’s what they’re concerned about.”

On the pressure for head coaches to win in the NFL: “It’s never changed. There’s no difference. It’s not like some new phenomenon in coaching. It’s been that way forever, you know? It’s just the nature of the beast.”

On if he takes any satisfaction from the team winning five of the last seven games: “I really don’t concern myself with that. I don’t concern myself with defending myself or anything of that nature. I only concern myself with trying to win, and that’s really it.”

On the morale of the staff and players during this recent winning streak: “You know what? Anytime you win, it just gives you a little bit of a boost going into the next week, but the next week is what counts. So, we’re really focused ahead.”

On his team not quitting on the season following a 1-7 start when most teams would: “I’m not certain that’s a true statement, just in terms of teams in general where players quit on coaches. I don’t believe that happens. I believe they may have poor performance, but there’s no player in this league that doesn’t come out and compete to the best of their ability every single time that they go out. I think, besides that, I think I’ve addressed the issue where I think our guys, you know, we’ve got the right kind of people. We’ve got guys, like I said, that are intrinsically motivated, guys that love to compete, guys that love to play for one another. I think we’ve got guys with a lot of character and integrity. Those things, they withstand the test of time, so we’ve got a good group.”

On what he should be evaluated on to remain the head coach: “I’m not worried about my evaluation. I don’t evaluate myself, someone else does. All I’m worried about is winning. I’m worried about this particular ball game coming up. That’s my focus. Anything else, that’s somebody else’s problem.”

On if he has won enough to remain the head coach: “I’m not worried about that. I’m looking at right where I’m heading.”

On his conversations with the Ford Family amidst his job uncertainty: “Those are private. Those are private conversations. We don’t talk about all those things in detail.”

On if the Ford Family has given him any indication on his job status: “Like I said, my focus is on this next ball game and this game only.”

On if the beginning of the season weighs heavier than how the team finishes: “You always want to be playing well at the end is what counts because typically, that’s kind of what gets you in the hunt, November and December, you know? Obviously, those are key, but you have to look at the whole, the grand scope of things, the whole body of work. But like I said, you have to do that week by week and then you kind of count them up at the end. We’re still working, so we’ve got a great challenge ahead of us this week.”

The Detroit Lions vs the Chicago Bears concludes the 2015 regular season with a road matchup to the NFC North-rival for Week 16.

The Detroit Lions head to the Windy City following a 32-17 win over San Francisco at Ford Field in Week 15, while Chicago is coming off a 26-21 win at Tampa Bay.

The Lions and Bears met earlier this season in Week 6, with Detroit claiming victory, 37-34 in overtime. Detroit and Chicago have met 171 times in the regular season, with Chicago holding the all-time series edge, 96-70-5.


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