2021 WECSSAA Football Cancelled

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2021 WECSSAA Football Cancelled

The following statement is being issued jointly by the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board, the Greater Essex County District School Board, Conseil scolaire catholique Providence and the Windsor Essex County Secondary Schools Athletic Association.

After careful consideration, the senior administrative teams from each of our school boards have decided that fall sports in WECSSAA will proceed this school year with the exception of football.

One of the main determining factors in this decision has to do with helmet safety. The Ontario Physical and Health Education Association recommends that football helmets are required to be certified by the manufacturer on an annual basis in order to meet standards of safe play. This can often be a lengthy process; it’s estimated that it could take at least six weeks or more to complete that certification process.

Given the amount of time that would be required to certify helmets, certify coaches, and train student athletes so that they could play safely, there is simply not enough time in the fall to allow for a football season to safely proceed. As school board administrators, we will not compromise on safety standards.

It should be noted that this decision is consistent with a number of other boards around Ontario that have also decided to cancel or postpone their football programs this year.

There has been some discussion around the possibility of moving the football season to the spring, however this is not a realistic option.

Additionally, moving football to the spring would make it difficult for any multi-sport student athletes who would be forced to make a decision between football and other sports.

We look forward to the time when the situation normalizes and we can return to our regular sports schedules. We will continue to monitor all of the sports and other extracurricular activities we offer with our focus on ensuring that they are provided in the safest manner possible for our students.

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