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2021 Ontario Moose Hunters – New Year, New Changes!

Mark your calendar

For 2021 Ontario Moose season there are a number of important dates that moose hunters will need to know.

  • April 1 to April 30 – Hunters apply to the Primary Allocation Stage
  • May 16 to June 7 – Hunters can claim tags awarded in the Primary Allocation Stage
  • June 15 to July 7 – Hunters who haven’t claimed a tag may apply to the Second Chance Allocation Stage
  • August 1 to end of moose season – Hunters claim tags awarded in the Second Chance Allocation Stage
  • August 17 to end of moose season – Tags are available to print for hunters who claimed them through the Primary or Second Chance Allocation stage

A fairer system

The 2021 Ontario moose tag draw will be replaced by a points-based process to distribute moose tags to resident hunters.

The tag allocation process will begin in April and will consist of a primary allocation stage and a second chance allocation stage, with different application periods.

All hunters will apply as individuals. There will be no group applications.

Hunters awarded a tag in either stage will be able to decide whether to claim it before the tag claim deadline.

MNRF will not set the points required to be awarded each tag type, this will be determined by the points held by the applicants for each tag type and the number of tags available.

Under the new process moose tag transfers are no longer permitted (except in exceptional circumstances).

Your draw history and points

Moose tags will be distributed to Ontario residents using a points-based process. Points will be calculated based on each hunter’s draw history from 1993 through 2020.

You will start with one point for each year you applied for the moose draw since last receiving an adult tag or you began applying. This is the case whether the tag was received directly through the draw or by tag transfer.
If you received a calf tag or surplus tag it would not reset your points.
You will have gained a point in any year you applied to WMU “99Z”.

Not having applied for one or more years would not have reset your points.
Your draw history is available through your Fish and Wildlife Licensing Services account. Learn how to view your draw entries, results and history. If you don’t already have one, learn how to set up an online account.

Your points are available through your online account or by calling the automated phone line at 1-800-288-1155. Please note MNRF staff, ServiceOntario, and licence issuers are not able to access your points for you. You will only be able to view your points through your online account or hear your points through the automated phone line.

Northern resident hunters will receive one additional point (non-accumulating) in choices they enter for a northern Wildlife Management Unit (WMUs 1-42). This small preference replaces the Northern Resident Draw.

Earlier application period means earlier results

The new points-based moose tag allocation process will provide most allocation results much earlier.

The results of the primary allocation where high demand tags are likely to be allocated will be available to hunters on May 16th, much earlier than the past availability of draw results in early August, allowing hunters more time to plan their hunt. The results of the second chance allocation will be available on August 1st.

More choices when applying for 2021 Ontario Moose Tag

The past tag draw system limited hunters to apply for two choices of tag type. The new process will give hunters the ability to enter up to three choices for tag type in each allocation stage. Visit the link below for information on what to consider when applying.

Calf tags will no longer be issued with a moose licence, but WMU-specific calf tags can be applied for through the allocation process.

Ontario residents can apply for:

  • Bull tags valid only for harvest of a bull moose
  • Cow/calf tags valid for the harvest of either a cow or a calf moose
  • Calf tags valid only for the harvest of a calf moose.
  • Learn more about the changes to harvest management

Moose tag quotas and hunt codes will be available online and by phone at 1-800-288-1155 in early April. Tag quotas will no longer be published in the Hunting Regulations Summary. You will be able to find out the number of remaining tags available for the second chance allocation stage online or by phone on June 15th.

Purchase only the products you need

The fees related to moose hunting are becoming fairer in 2021. Hunters will only pay for the products they require, depending on their success in the allocation process.

Hunters will pay a $15.00 application fee to apply to the allocation process.
The cost of a resident moose licence will be reduced to $35.29.

If a hunter prefers not to apply to the allocation process, they can save $15.00 and still purchase a $35.29 moose hunting licence to party hunt with a tag holder.

If a hunter decides to claim a tag, they are awarded through the allocation process, they will purchase a licence and their tag.

Moose tags will cost $30.00 for calf tags, $150.00 for cow/calf tags and $200.00 for bull tags. Tag costs are the same for tags obtained as the registered guest of a tourist outfitter. These prices reflect hunter demand and ensure continued support for the management of this valuable resource.

Changes for non-resident hunters

There are changes coming for non-resident hunters starting this year.
Non-resident hunters will pay the same tag costs and a higher moose licence fee of $469.86.

A non-resident can only hunt moose in Ontario by purchasing a moose hunt from a tourist outfitter or by party hunting with a resident tag holder that is an immediate relative.

Learn more about hunting moose with a tourist outfitter. Non-residents qualifying as immediate relatives cannot apply to the moose tag process.
Non-resident landowners are not eligible for a special licence and can only obtain a tag through a tourist outfitter.

Earlier timing of moose gun hunting season in Southern Ontario

In 2021 the gun hunting season for moose in Southern Ontario (WMUs 46-50, 53-63) will shift earlier and will begin the third Monday in October, as it did before 2017.

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