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Benefits of Walking in Windsor


Challenge Yourself This Walktober and Discover the Benefits of Walking in Windsor

The City of Windsor wants to help you celebrate Walktober! Tie up your shoelaces and get moving! Walking is free, emits zero emissions and is a great way to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine—not to mention the health benefits that come with it!

Try walking on your lunch hour and breaks. Did you know, the average person can walk one kilometre in ten minutes?

The 2020 Parks-Trails-and-Recreation-Facilities-map with print versions available in local bike shops in our community. The map will help you choose a convenient route that matches your comfort level. Did you know that our city has over 1,000 kilometres of sidewalks and over 130 kilometres of paved and unpaved pathways and trails?

The City of Windsor is committed to building an environment that makes walking, cycling and transit convenient and enjoyable, as outlined in the Windsor Active Transportation Master Plan, Walk Wheel Windsor. Active transportation benefits our economy, our environment, and our physical and mental health, and this plan will provide more options for residents and help to improve their commutes in Windsor.

Note: Please keep social distancing in mind while walking. Give others the space to stay safe when stopping to talk and while moving.

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