Detroit Hydrofest 2017 Results

Detroit Hydrofest 2017 Results

Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Detroit Hydrofest 2017 Results

The weekend has been restructured this year to include a new two races in two days’ format. On Saturday, the H1 boats ran for the President’s Cup. Then on Sunday, the H1 teams raced for the most prestigious trophy in all of boat racing—the APBA Gold Cup. This format has not been seen in the modern era of the sport.

APBA Gold Cup Race Summary

FINAL HEAT: The Final Heat was marred by a collision (see photos) between Bert Henderson and J. Michael Kelly in the run out of the Roostertail Turn toward the start. Henderson bounced off of Jimmy Shane to his right, spinning to his left into the path of Kelly, who ran over the top of the U-7. Niether Henderson or Kelly were hurt in the incident. The U-12 crew scrambled to repair their boat for the restart, which they made with time to spare. In the restart, Shane led the field wire to wire, with Tate in second and Jimmy King in third. Kelly lost another canard front running through Tate’s wake and had a fuel violation, earning a DSQ.

Pos Driver Points
1 Jimmy Shane 1580
2 Andrew Tate 1500
3 J. Michael Kelly 1170
4 Bert Henderson 865
5 Jimmy King 800
6 Dustin Echols 225
7 Tom Thompson 60
8 Kevin Eacret 0

President’s Cup. Race Summary

FINAL HEAT: Andrew Tate nailed the start and took the lead from lane 3, taking the President’s Cup with a wire to wire win. J. Michael Kelly in lane 1 and
Jimmy Shane battled for a lap before Kelly pulled away. Bert Henderson finished fourth and Dustin Echols trailed a lap back to finish fifth.

1 Andrew Tate 1280
2 Jimmy Shane 1125
3 J. Michael Kelly 950
4 Bert Henderson 809
5 Dustin Echols 352
6 Tom Thompson 70
7 Jimmy King 60
8 Kevin Eacret 0

Photos by Tim Jarrold – In Play! magazine

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