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Detroit Lions Injury Report Oct 12 2017

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  • The following players have been listed on the Detroit Lions’ Injury Report today: T Greg Robinson (not injury related) and LB Paul Worrilow (knee) did not practice. WR Kenny Golladay (hamstring), DE Ezekiel Ansah (knee), G T.J. Lang (back), T Rick Wagner (shoulder), RB Dwayne Washington (quad) were limited in today’s practice. QB Matthew Stafford (ankle), S Glover Quin (groin), and LB  Tahir Whitehead (pectoral) participated in a full practice. 
  • The following players have been listed on the New Orleans Saints’ Injury Report today: T Terron Armstead (shoulder), and WR Willie Snead (hamstring), and G Andrus Peat (hip) were limited in today’s practice. RB Trey Edmunds (concussion), TE Josh Hill (concussion), and CB Sterling Moore (concussion) participated in a full practice.

How a veteran quarterback learns to adapt and adjust their game to injuries to fit what they have to do: “They work their way through it. It’s not like if they have a nick or something that they don’t adjust their game accordingly, but they work their way through it. It’s not easy all the time, but it’s part of what they do and it happens at every position, not just the quarterback. I mean, there’s probably not anybody out on the field that doesn’t go in with some—Where they’re not feel feeling their absolute, 100 percent best. I mean, it’s kind of the nature of the game, so you adapt and adjust, and get your job done.”

How he felt QB Matthew Stafford moved around yesterday: “Yeah, we usually don’t talk about practice, you guys are out there, you can make your own assessments.”

The toughness that Stafford has shown since he’s been the head coach in Detroit: “Yeah, I don’t think there’s any question about that even before I arrived. Mentioned it here on several occasions, you probably could check those transcripts if you go back well enough, do a little research. Before I arrived, I remember visually just watching him play in a couple ballgames where he had things that he had to battle his way through and you knew he was a tough, hard-nosed guy. That’s I think one of his—He has a lot of great traits, that’s one of them, I mean he really is a little different in that regard, and I think that benefits him.”

How much he works with a player with the toughness of Stafford who are willing to fight through injuries: “You completely lost me. Absolutely completely lost me. Would you like to rephrase that? I might be able to help you. OK, alright, and it’s OK if you ask a direct question, alright? You can it directly, ask it. I may answer it or I may not, but let’s be direct.

How he works with Stafford during the game if he endures pain in Week 6: “Oh yeah, I can understand that and I’ll leave that up to the doctors. I’m not a professional in that area. That’s what we do at every spot, every position. I think I’ve answered that exactly the same way since the day I stepped on this podium. I mean, that’s one of things that I make certain of is I don’t try to do someone else’s job because I’m not trained to be able to do it. I know you guys are required to try to do it, but we don’t have to do it and we shouldn’t do it. So, therefore we leave it up to the professionals and they make a determination on that aspect of it.”

If he talks to Stafford throughout the game on how he is feeling and performing since substituting a limited player is a coaches decision: “You don’t know what you’re talking about in that regard when you say, ‘It’s not a doctor’s decision. It’s a coaching decision.’ That’s a doctor’s decision on whether or not a guy plays, right? It’s plain and simple. We do, obviously, check on all of our troops. Every single guy, we know exactly what’s going on with them. We get a sense of things, but it’s in conjunction with the physicians, the orthopedic surgeons, or whoever else is involved in it. I mean that’s – it’s not a coach’s decision, at least not where I’ve been, where I come from, and the way I believe.”

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