We are all in this together. On behalf of the Ontario Junior “B” Lacrosse League, thank you for doing your personal best to help prevent this virus from spreading any further. Thank you for self-isolating with your families, practicing social distancing and praying that things will begin to improve in the near future. Your efforts are making a noticeable difference in keeping vulnerable people safe. To that end, the teams of the Ontario Junior “B” Lacrosse League are preparing for potential modifications to the lacrosse season with two proposals that allow for the season to begin in either at the end of May or early July, depending on the health and safety of residents in Ontario and Quebec.

The Ontario Lacrosse Association has most recently extended its pause of in-person lacrosse activities until May 15th. Only when the Governments and their medical advisors have deemed it safe to move forward, will the OLA advise their membership that it is ok to resume activities. The Canadian Lacrosse Association has subsequently announced a similar May 15th extended date. Decisions regarding National Championships will follow sometime after this. Until such time that these decisions have been reached and communicated, it is our intent to continue to plan for some form of Jr. “B” competition in 2020. All decisions related to starting competition will be communicated through the Ontario Lacrosse Association’s website.

Our players are encouraged to use this period of social isolation to work on stick skills,either individually or with a sibling from the same household. The importance of keeping your stick in your hands will become apparent as soon as we return to play. It is also important to maintain a positive and healthy outlook throughout this situation. While it may seem difficult for us to remain optimistic in the face of the number of changes to our lives in recent weeks, there is always light at the end of every tunnel. Please allow the time, spent with your lacrosse stick each day, to promote health, happiness and strength throughout these difficult times.

Hope springs eternal. Together, we will get through this.

Dave Vernon
OJBLL Commissioner

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