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Lions Update Saturday, August 19, 2017

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Lions Update Saturday, August 19, 2017: Lions Head Coach Jim Caldwell from the Lions’ 16-6 win over the New York Jets at Ford Field

On if he is starting to get a sense of what he has at defensive tackle: “Still got a ways to go, but we like the way it’s trending. I think we got some guys in there that will make some plays for us and they’re pretty active. We’ve been pleased with the progress.”

On if DT Akeem Spence and DT Jordan Hill are an unconventional tandem due to them being undersized: “Yeah, they have quickness. They have power. I think they’re two different types. Hill is, maybe just in terms of their styles, a little bit different, but both pretty effective. You happen to see Spence is kind of like a whirling, dervish in there sometimes. But he can put some pressure on you, stays low. And Jordan is one of those guys, too, that’s got unusual quickness, but he’s also, I think, he has his bulk. In terms of his attack, he has bulk. But not necessarily in terms of–he’s not a 325 pound guy.”

On what he thought of having his offensive line in for a significant amount of time, specifically G T.J. Lang: “Yeah, I think it was good, good to get T.J. in there and work with the rest of the group. I’ll have to look at the film and see in detail how we did, but it appears that we were solid. It was good that Rick Wagner got a lot of work in there as well. So over all, that unit stayed in there quite a bit and I thought they were OK. I saw that Matthew (Stafford) was able to get the ball out and not have to deal with a lot of undue pressure except for on the touchdown pass to Marvin (Jones Jr.). He got hit pretty good there. But other than that, it was fairly clean with him and that group.”

On what gives him confidence that WR Marvin Jones Jr. can sustain the production that he had early in the season last year: “Yeah, I think that one of the things that you’ll notice about him is he’s, to me when I look at him and watch him practice, he’s better than he was a year ago. He’s coming out of cuts better. He’s running better routes. But just like anything else, I’ll tell you, week to week everything changes. You guys will be asking the question, ‘Well what happened to (Kenny) Golladay this week?’ or something of that nature. But I explained to you that it just kind of depends on what happens defensively, what they’re playing, where we attack them, in terms of the weaknesses, what they’re giving us. So, you could have Golden (Tate) have a big day one time, Marvin the next. It could be obviously someone else later on. So, you don’t always see a situation where a guy will catch an inordinate number of passes on a consistent basis. I think (it) will be basic in terms of maybe four to six catches or something like that a guy may have. But there may be a game where he has one. So, it just kind of varies.”

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