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Matt Patricia on Acquiring DT Damon Harrison Sr


Matt Patricia on Acquiring DT Damon Harrison Sr

Opening Statement: “I just want to start off with a couple things here real quick. As an organization, as the head coach and as a coaching staff and players, we’re excited to see the Lions Legends this weekend. We’re excited to have everybody back. I think it’s always good for us to spend time with that group and be able to connect back to the guys that have been here before us and walked that path and built that path that we get to walk on. So, (we’re) excited about it. (I) appreciate the history and the connection back to what they did for the organization, so it will be a good time for me to spend some time with them and be able to go forward from there. Obviously, congratulations to Roger Brown, Herman Moore, and the Karras family for their induction into the Pride of the Lions. So, it should be a great weekend for them and hopefully we can go out there and give them a good football game. Again, we’re full-throttle here into Seattle. One more day of preparation here on Friday, getting out there and trying to tighten everything up from the course of the week. (We) have a big challenge in front of us as far as that’s concerned. We have a great team coming in here, coming off their Bye week ready to go. Looks like they’re at full strength and healthy, so we’ll see what that looks like when they get here. But it should be a big challenge for us here this weekend.”

On acquiring DT Damon Harrison Sr. and what he can add to the defense: “A guy that we’ve seen through the course of the League play really well. He’s a big guy in the middle that can do a lot of different things. (He) does a great job of defeating blocks, plays with good technique, can knock the line of scrimmage back. But look, it’s about the game-plan, it’s about the game right now for us. It’s a full team effort and whenever we can get him ready to go and feeling comfortable in the system—he just got here the other day, so we’re going to try to do the best we can with it and we’ll see how it goes.”

On how realistic it is to expect DT Damon Harrison Sr. to play on Sunday: “It’s always a good question. When you get guys that come in the building, (you have to) understand that you have to look at it from their perspective. They walk into a building one day and the next thing you know, a couple hours later, they’re in a different building. That’s a pretty hard transition to make. It’s obviously a lot to deal with in a very short amount of time, so we’re just trying to do the best we can to go through the process. The good thing for us is we have a couple days here. We’ll do the best we can to get him up to speed and we’ll see what it looks like for the game.”

On what DT Damon Harrison Sr. adds to the Lions based on his experience with a variety of defensive schemes and techniques: “If I can answer any of that for you, I think the best advantage he would have is he’s actually been coached by a couple guys that I’ve worked with in the past. So, some of that terminology, concepts, technique, things like that, will be a little bit familiar to him once he sorts through everything. There should be, hopefully, a quick transition with that and the technique part of it, so hopefully that will transfer.”

On if he’s concerned with DT Damon Harrison Sr.’s ability to play the rest of the season without having a Bye week: “Yeah, it’s unfortunate for him without having that Bye week. It’s definitely something I’m conscious of just with the players in the NFL. It’s a hard thing to do as a player. So, we’ll try to do the best we can with it and work through that. Certainly, we just want him to feel comfortable in everything that we’re doing and feel like everything is moving in a direction where he knows that he could go out and execute properly and be productive. We certainly don’t want to put him in a situation where he doesn’t have a chance to do that. So, again, it is a process that we have to go through when those transitions happen. That’s why we’re just trying to make sure our main focus right now is Seattle. We just have to really stay focused on them.”

On the process behind DT Damon Harrison’s trade: “Honestly, I don’t think I really want to get into that. There was an opportunity that came up that we talked about and I’d really rather stay focused on the Seahawks. That’s where my mindset is. We just got out of meetings, we’re going to practice right now, so I’m kind of geared up to stopping them in the red area.”

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