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Look Up Warning Line for Minor Hockey Ice

WMHA, Look Up Warning Line

The WMHA is the first in the area to introduce the LOOK UP Warning Line

The Look Up Warning Line, at Adie Knox Arena and other arenas, is 3 feet from the boards and goes around the complete rink.  It is designed to show players that they are in an area where a body check may result in a player falling into the boards.

The “Look Up” line does two things. It warns players with the puck to pay attention to hits from behind and it tells other players, if they hit a someone in this area, the player may get really hurt. The ‘Look Up’ Warning Line coupled with the STOP (Safety Towards Other Players), another WMHA initiative, is hoped to reduce injuries which may also result in concussions.

The “Look Up Warning Line” serves to:
1. Warn players to keep their heads up when approaching the boards to decrease the risks of injuries;
2. Warn players to be careful not to body check (contact) opposing players from behind;
3. Give players an opportunity to make proper bodily adjustments before hitting the boards;
4. Remind on ice coaches and officials to continue to warn players about safety in hockey.

To learn more visit the WMHA website.

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