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NBL Canada’s Protected List for the 2022 Season

The National Basketball League of Canada has announced its protected player list for its upcoming 10th season.

NBL Canada’s protected list allows teams to retain the rights of players who’ve participated in the 2019-20 NBL Canada season and retains the rights to those players throughout the 2021-22 season.

Competing teams may make an offer for a protected player if they remained unsigned. The team who holds that player’s rights has 48 hours to match the offer, in which instances a player would remain which his protected club; or the protected team may decline to match. In these cases, that player would join the new contracted team.

Please note that players who were on teams not participating this season will not have their rights protected and are eligible to sign with any team.

Player’s rights are held until the final day of the NBLC’s regular season on April 30, 2022.

London Lightning

Terry Thomas : With a late start in London, Thomas managed 26 points in only three games last season. Has 8.7 ppg, 30.8 FG%, 77.8 FT%. Former NBL Canada Canadian Player of the Year (2016-17).

Xavier Moon: Leading Scorer for the London Lightning averaging 21.5 ppg with a total of 430 points, and 44.8 3PT%. Averaging 91.7% from the free throw line and 37.5 minutes per game. 2019-20 NBL Canada All League (first team) and MVP runner up.

Jaylon Tate: 63.6 from the free throw line, proficient in limited minutes. Former NBL Canada Rookie of the Year (2017-18).

Cameron Forte: Finished season with 116 points, 29 ppg, 67.5 FG%, and 44.4 FT% with only four games played before season ended because of the pandemic.

AJ Gaines: NBL Canada All League (second team). Leading rebounder for the London Lightning, third in the league with 188 total rebounds with 155 being defensive rebounds. 48.8 FG%, 70.1 FT%, averaging 17.8 ppg.

Marcus Capers: Named 2019-20 NBL Canada Defensive Player of the Year. Led the London Lightning and was top of the league in steals with 37. 62.8 FT%, 112 assists, and 26 blocks.

Kitchener-Waterloo Titans

Myles Charvis : Managed 27 points with only two games played last season before being sidelined with an injury. He also went 6-6 from the free throw line.

Julian Harris: 17.4 3pt%, 62.5 FT%, played in a total of 23 games last season with 234 minutes.

Damon Lynn: Led the Titans, and top of the league in steals with 37. 89.6 FT%, 99 assists, with a 16.7 PTS/G average.

Ed Horton: 64 assists, third highest for the KW Titans. Going 91.9% from the free throw line (34-37), and making 191 total points.

Justin Strings: Fifth Overall All-time Titans Blocks with 31 blocked shots, eighth overall All-time Titans rebounds with 215 total. 2018-19 NBL Canada All Rookie Team.

Flenard Whitfield: First on the All-time Lists for Points Scored, Field Goals, and Blocks during the postseason with 230 points, 90 FG, and 9 blocks.

Sudbury 5

Braylon Rayson: 2019-20 NBL Canada All League (first team). Former League MVP (2018-19). Averages 40.3 minutes per game, 7.1 Ast/G, 88.2 FT%.

Jaylen Bland: Leading Scorer for Sudbury Five, 24.2 ppg with 509 points. 84.8% free throw shooting. Former NBL Canada New Comer of the Year (2018-19). 2019-20 NBL Canada All League (second team).

Marlon Johnson: Leading Sudbury Five in defensive rebounds, 135. Managing 30 blocks and 21.1 ppg.

JR Holder: Named 2019-20 NBL Canada New Comer and Sixth Man of the Year. 2019-20 NBL Canada All League (second team). 44.5 3PT%, highest for the team. Averages 19.7 points per game.

Brady Skeens: Led the league in both, Blocks (44) and Field Goal percentage with 71.7%. Leading rebounder for the Sudbury Five with 206 total rebounds.

Dexter Williams Jr: Field Goal percent of 51.9%. Averaging 75% from the free throw line, 51-68.

Windsor Express

Sam Muldrow: 2019-20 NBL Canada All League (third team). Leads the league with All-Time NBL Canada Blocked Shots (2011-20) with 241. Leading the Windsor Express in blocks, second overall with 41.

Chris Jones: 2019-20 NBL Canada All League (third team) Led the Windsor Express in scoring with a total of 334, averaging 22.3 ppg.

Isaiah Sykes: 14 points made, 70 FG%, 4 total rebounds with only one game played before the league shutdown.

Kemy Osse : 2019-20 NBL Canada All Canadian (first team). 71.7 FT%, 43.8 FG%, averaging 32.8 minute per game.

Marvell Waithe : Averaging 94.7 FT%, 33.3 3PT%, and 42.6 FG% during his time with the Halifax Hurricanes in the start of the season before the switch to Windsor Express where he managed 13 points in the two games played before the lockdown.

Mike Allison : 62 FG%, going 63.3% from the free throw line.

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