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Here’s the Detroit Tigers 2017 promotional schedule of giveaways for the 2017 season at Comerica Park. The Tigers have planned over 30 giveaways for the season, in addition to 11 post-game fireworks extravaganzas following Friday night baseball in Detroit.

If you’re looking for the Detroit Tigers regular season schedule click here.



As part of “Chevy Youth Baseball Sunday Kids Days,” The Every Kid Every Sunday Giveaway Guarantee returns, with all kids 14-and-younger receiving a promotional item. Children can also enjoy free rides on the Comerica Bank Carousel or the Fly Ball Ferris Wheel, free face painting at Gates A and B, and post-game Kids Run the Bases.

Detroit Tigers 2017 Promotional Giveaways

Date                                    Promotional Giveaway                                             Quantity                                             Sponsor

Saturday, April 8               April in the D Trapper Hat                                             10,000 Fans                                             FOX Sports Detroit

Sunday, April 9                  Kids Opening Day 2017 Team Card Set                        8,000 (All) Kids                                           BCBSN

Monday, April 10              Magnetic Schedule                                                             10,000 Fans                                             Comerica Bank

Saturday April 29              Team Calendar                                                                 10,000 Fans                                             Red Robin

Sunday, April 30                Player Poster of the Month                                             8,000 (All) Kids

Wednesday, May 17         Pink Out The Park Ball Cap                                             10,000 Fans                                             Kroger

Sunday, May 21                 Player Poster of the Month                                             8,000 (All) Kids

Saturday, June 3                Play Ball Youth Bat and Ball Set                                     2,500 Kids                                               MLB

Sunday, June 4                  Play Ball Youth Bat and Ball Set                                      7,500 (All) Kids                                      MLB

Tuesday, June 13              Pure Michigan Tigers Koozie                                             10,000 Fans                                            Pure Michigan

Friday, June 16                  Michael Fulmer Rookie of the Year Bobblehead            10,000 Fans                                            Pepsi

Saturday, June 17             Tigers Tote Bag                                                                       15,000 Fans                                            MLB Network

Sunday, June 18                Player Poster of the Month                                               8,000 (All) Kids

Sunday, June 18                Father’s Day Socks                                                              All Men

Saturday, July 1                 Detroit Stars Duffle Bag                                                     10,000 Fans                                             Comerica Bank

Sunday, July 2                    Player Poster of the Month                                             8,000 (All) Kids

Tuesday, July 4                  Patriotic Hat                                                                       10,000 Fans (21+ years)                             MillerCoors

Saturday, July 15               Floppy Hat                                                                          10,000 Fans                                             National Coney Island

Sunday, July 16                  Miguel Cabrera Silver Slugger Mini Bat                       8,000 (All) Kids

Friday, July 28                    The District Detroit Night                                              10,000 Fans                                             The District Detroit

Saturday, July 29               James McCann Removable Mask Bobblehead           10,000 Fans                                             Delta

Sunday, July 30                  Tigers Sling Bag                                                                8,000 (All) Kids                                       DMC

Saturday, August 12         Fiesta Tigres Item                                                               10,000 Fans                                              MillerCoors

Sunday, August 13            Player Poster of the Month                                              8,000 (All) Kids

Friday, August 18              All-Star Poster                                                                   10,000 Fans (18+years)                            MI Lottery

Saturday, August 19         Alan Trammell Bobblehead                                             10,000 Fans                                              Frito Lay

Sunday, August 20            Tigers Back to School Binder                                           8,000 (All) Kids                                    MI State Police

Sunday, Sept. 3                 Player Poster of the Month                                               8,000 (All) Kids

Friday, Sept. 15                 Carhartt Watch Hat                                                            5,000 Fans                                             Carhartt

Saturday, Sept. 16            Star Wars Night Item                                                         10,000 Fans

Sunday, Sept. 17               Tigers Back to School Lunch Box                                     8,000 (All) Kids                                     Kroger

Friday, Sept. 22                 Tigers Hawaiian Shirt                                                       10,000 Fans                                             Visit Central Florida

Sunday, Sept. 24               Daniel Norris Bearded Knit Cap                                     8,000 (All) Kids                                        Aquafina

*Tigers 2017 promotional schedule is subject to change. Purchase of a ticket does not necessarily guarantee promotional item.