Photo: Albert Mady, a ninth degree black belt in Isshinryu Karate and Owner of Mady’s Institute of Isshinryu, poses with a group of his younger students before a recent class.

Up Close and Personal With Albert Mady

Story And Photo By Dave Hall as appearing in the  March 2018 issue of Biz X magazine

Despite winning martial arts awards, championships and accolades too numerous to mention, Albert Mady remains humble and believes his greatest accomplishments are to be found among the achievements of his many students. Owner of Mady’s Institute of Isshinryu since 1980, he has close to 200 students ranging in age from four all the way up to 78.

Now closing in on 60 years of age and with 50 years of martial arts involvement behind him, Mady, who was the first Canadian to earn a ninth degree black belt in Isshinryu Karate, says he takes it personally when his students compete and “their loss is my loss because I know I could have prepared them better for competition.”

Looking back over a long career, Mady informs Biz X that it all started for him as a youngster when a cousin returned from serving in Vietnam and taught him a few moves — it didn’t take long before he was hooked.

Watching the “Green Hornet” at a neighbour’s house after school solidified his interest in martial arts and before long he was a student at a Judo class in the basement of Solidarity Towers. From there, he joined the Okinawan Karate Club at Pillette Road and Wyandotte Street East, where he became a student of Robert Markovich, now 78 and Mady’s oldest Dojo member.

“I was lucky and just kept progressing and soon I was among a group of students who taught classes at Riverside High School,” recalls Mady.

He opened his first school in 1980 while working in the Mady family businesses, which included Mady’s Furniture and a Big Boy Restaurant, both on Tecumseh Road East near Pillette. During this time, he also worked as a bouncer at various local establishments, including the Riviera Hotel, the Seacliff Hotel and the St. Clair College Pub. “It taught me the right way to handle situations and also the wrong way,” states Mady, who considers hand-to-hand combat his major strength.

He still teaches use of force classes in the corrections program at St. Clair College as well as teaching classes to Canada Border Services Agency personnel at his Dojo at 395 Tecumseh Road West in Windsor. Mady’s son Chuck is an accomplished MMA fighter in the featherweight division with extensive training in kickboxing. Grandson Matteo Mady is also a member of the club. Other Mady students have also won championships in various disciplines.

In addition to Isshinryu style training, Mady has a fourth degree black belt in Kyokushin-kai Karate as well as extensive training, championships and awards in kickboxing, bare-knuckle full-contact Karate, Judo, sword-fighting and weapons training.

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