Zumba Fitness – A que so you know what to do!

Zumba Fitness – A que so you know what to do!

By Jodie Komsic

In this Zumba Fitness entry I would like to talk about non verbal cueing.

When we go to Zumba Fitness instructor training we are highly encouraged to use non-verbal cueing. The reason is simple. Zumba Fitness is a party atmosphere. We want your focus to be on enjoying the music and yourself. It is hard to have fun when someone is calling out directions. Mind you some instructors are told they have to use a microphone and some choose to.

How do we use non-verbal cueing and what is it?

Like I have said all instructors vary one to another so not everyone cues the same way.

Some will use fingers to count down, point in the direction you need to go. To change to a new move or direction some instructors clap, whistle, or make a whoop sound. We also use our facial expressions to convey what you need to know, or make you laugh.

This does not mean your class has to be silent. We highly encourage singing along to the music, yelling “Zumba” or any kind of positive yelling. Sometimes in the song there will be clapping, or yelling hey so join in!

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