Zumba Fitness – Results

Can I get results from Zumba Fitness?

By Jodie Komsic-For sure, a regular Zumba Fitness class can burn as many as 800/1000 calories per hour long class, depending on the instructor while Zumba Toning helps trim inches and tones up your muscles.

I have been taking classes but not losing weight, what do I do?
This can be the result of many factors. First and most important is your eating habits, some people eat right through their workouts. It could also be that you need to change up your classes as your body will get used to one type and stop working.

My weight has gone up, why?

You may gain some weight when you are doing weights as well as cardio. You are building muscle. But remember more muscle means more calories are burned. You cannot judge your health by the number on the scale. I judge by the way my pants fit.

I need more?

I hear people say their instructor doesn’t work them hard enough, I also hear the instructor works me to hard. I always teach my classes middle of the road. People will come see me before or after class for modifications and also more ways to boost cardio. Always ask your instructor, that’s what we’re here for and we’re happy to help.

About my journey and weight loss. When I became interested in Zumba Fitness my daughter was two years old. I was thin but not in the best way. I had become a runner and loved it, but wanted more. My weight was constantly up and down all the time and I was stress eating which is not good at all! When I decided to teach Zumba Fitness, it was very motivating for me and we all need motivation!

I had lost weight but still had a belly, that I didn’t like. When I started teaching Zumba Toning I started tightening up and losing inches. My pants fit better in the waist. I had gained muscle in my legs and arms.

For me the most important part is how I feel. If I feel fit, I feel happy!

I’m also trying to eat better. No matter who you are there is always room for improvement.

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