Zumba Toning – The Mullet of Zumba!

A lot of people are still figuring out what Zumba Toning is, let me shed some light.

Zumba Toning is called the mullet of Zumba, because it is business up front and party in the back. Still has the same great music and party vibe.

So why Zumba Toning? Well you still have the party vibe with the toning aspect of things, targeting all the muscle groups specifically. Also if you have the official Toning sticks, they are also maracas which are fun to shake.

I feel Zumba Toning captures a wider range of people also. Men are more likely to come because there are weights and less dance. Also non-dancers do not feel intimidated coming into a class. It is also great for seniors as well.

Will I bulk up? A lot of people have the misconception that they will build too much muscle. This class will only tone and tighten areas. We use very light weights, and we are constantly doing cardio with it.

Why can’t I use 6 lb weights? There are many reasons, the most important being safety. We are constantly moving with weights in our hands and holding them up for long periods of time. I always tell my participants no higher than a 3 lbs weight.
The idea behind Zumba Toning is not how much weight you can lift or how many repetitions we do. We are constantly working certain target muscles, repetitively until exhaustion. Trust me when I say the weights will start to feel super heavy!

The most important part is learning how to contract your muscles for the most effective workout. In my class we isolate certain areas for long periods of time. You may not feel it when you leave but I know you will feel it the next day for sure.

Remember as with every type of class you take every instructor is different. If you do not like one instructors class that’s OK there are many others out there.

In the three years I have been teaching Zumba Toning I have noticed lots of my participants shedding inches. Some attend both my classes Zumba and Toning, but even the ones that just come to toning have made significant accomplishments. I myself have also noticed my jeans are looser and my legs are more toned.

You can get results in any class, but Zumba Fitness and other forms of Zumba are just more fun. My classes are like extended family that get together and have fun. I love and appreciate you all for your time and support.

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